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Information On File

Request To Withhold Address and Telephone Number From The Public

Pursuant to NRS 293.558, a registered voter may submit a written request to their respective County Clerk/Registrar of Voters to have his/her address and telephone number withheld from the public. More information.

If any part of your voter information does not appear, please contact your local County Clerk/Registrar of Voters to check the status of your registration.

Please Don't Call

Please check below if you would like to have your phone number placed on a voluntary don't call list.

Please Don't Call

By having your number on this list you are requesting not to receive political phone calls from those using the Statewide Registration List to generate their calls. While this list is designed to encourage candidates and/or political campaigns to refrain from calling you at your request, please note that this does not guarantee that you will not receive political phone calls.

If your Method of Voting displays Ballot Received, this serves as MOVE Act notification that your absent ballot was received by the appropriate County election official.

The Nevada Secretary of State's Statewide Voter Registration Database only captures voter history going back to 1998. If you find that your personal voter history is in error or you have questions regarding your voting history dating pre-1998, please contact your local County Clerk/Registrar of Voters.

Caucus locations should be verified.

In Nevada, if you are a registered member of the Democratic or Republican Party, the parties have established their respective caucus locations. Caucus locations are subject to change, so be sure to verify your particular caucus location with your respective party prior to the January 19, 2008 date of the caucuses.

If you are a registered voter of another minor political party, please contact your respective party representative for information on the 2008 Election.

A caucus is a meeting of members of a political party to select delegates to a convention or register preferences for candidates running for office. Because nonpartisan voters by definition have no affiliation with a political party, they do not participate in political caucuses. For election dates relevant to nonpartisan voters, please view the 2008 Election Calendar.

All polling locations should be verified with your Local Election Office. Contact information for local election offices is available here.

View early voting locations by county

Should you have any questions related to your sample ballot and/or your assigned voting precinct, please contact your local County Clerk or Registrar of Voters.

NOTE: the sample ballot images are provided in the format in which they are received from the counties. For Primary Elections, some images may include your precinct's Nonpartisan, Democrat and Republican sample ballots combined into one image. You will only be allowed to vote one ballot style based on your registration status at the time of the Primary Election.

Your search displays individual voter registration data as it is preserved in the Statewide Voter Registration Database.

Please be advised that the information requested may only be used for purposes authorized by local, state and/or federal law. Additionally, the voter information provided is intended ONLY for the use by that individual voter and should not be distributed to third parties.