Hear about the benefits of the Nevada Lockbox from its participants.

"I am 68 and live in a low-income senior building, and I recommend the Nevada Lockbox to everyone. We are frightened, and we’re the ones who get shoved around at the hospitals. The program is important and a good thing. The Senior Law Project (now the Southern Nevada Senior Law Program) is one of the best things about Las Vegas, and they registered me with the Lockbox. I am glad a human answers the phone for the Lockbox, not an automated service, and that’s impressive. I’ve given some of my neighbors the number for the Lockbox."

                                                                                        ~ R. Sanzone, Las Vegas, NV

"I registered with the Nevada Lockbox for my own good, so any hospital can get my information. I know it is secure. I think it's very beneficial because in an emergency situation it would help me if they can’t get a hold of my family. They could still know my wishes. I would recommend the program to others for their safety and well-being. It’s a no-brainer. I’ve already recommended it to my friends. Whoever put this program together was marvelous. I truly think it’s a good thing. It benefits senior citizens the most, and I am grateful for that."

                                                                                        ~ D. Hartman, Reno, NV

"Our financial planner showed us this program. It is important because our children live away from us out of state. If I am in the hospital for an emergency, the hospital will know how to contact my children using my wallet card. If you are hospitalized your doctor will know what your wishes are. The program provides me with peace of mind. I think it’s a great program, and I would definitely recommend it to other people."

                                                                                         ~ L. Huang, Las Vegas, NV