File Guardianship Nomination

A person who wishes to register to nominate another person to be appointed as his or her guardian in the event that becomes necessary may submit a Request to Nominate Guardian Form to the Nevada Lockbox, c/o the Secretary of State, completed and signed by the registrant, two witnesses and the notary certification. 

The original declaration with wet signatures must be mailed or delivered (may not be faxed) to:

The Nevada Lockbox
c/o Nevada Secretary of State
555 E. Washington Avenue, Suite 5200
Las Vegas, NV 89101


Once the Request to Nominate Guardian form has been received, an electronic reproduction of the guardianship nomination will be stored in the Lockbox.  Within 10 business days of submittal, the registrant will be provided by mail with a wallet card containing the registration number to be used by the registrant for access to the document.

District Courts in the State of Nevada have access to the Guardianship Registry in the Nevada Lockbox.  If a guardian applies to a court to be designated as the guardian of a person, the court must determine whether a guardian has already been designated for the person by accessing the Nevada Lockbox.

Law enforcement may also have access to the Guardianship Registry in certain circumstances.

Registrants should immediately notify the Lockbox of any changes in your contact information or the contact information of your guardianship nominee by using the Authorization to Change Form.  Use the Authorization to Change Form to withdraw a guardianship nomination from the Guardianship Registry.  If you wish to change or replace who you would like to request to nominate as your guardian, you must execute a new Request to Nominate Guardian Form with all signatures and Notary certification and submit the original copy along with an Authorization to Change Documents Form.