Authorized Entity Info

An Authorized Entity is an individual or organization that the Lockbox has given permission to access the registry.

Per NRS 629.031, organizations authorized access to the Advance Directive Registry in the Nevada Lockbox include providers of health care such as a hospital, medical practice, skilled nursing facility, home health care agency/provider, ambulatory surgery facility, and hospice. 

Become an authorized entity for Advance Directive Registry

Step 1:
To register to become an Authorized Entity for the Advance Directive Registry, submit to the Nevada Lockbox, c/o the Secretary of State, a completed Authorized Entity Access Agreement.

Submit the completed application form to:
The Nevada Lockbox
c/o Nevada Secretary of State
555 E. Washington Avenue, Suite 5200
Las Vegas, NV 89101
or via FAX to (775) 684-7177

Step 2:
Once the Authorized Entity Access Agreement is received and approved by the Secretary of State, the entity will be assigned a registration number and password.


Senate Bill 229 established the Guardianship Nomination Registry in which any person who wishes to request to nominate another person to be appointed as his or her guardian may do so by completing a form requesting to nominate a guardian which will be filed in the Nevada Lockbox.  Access to the Lockbox has been made available to every District Court in Nevada.   Contact the Nevada Lockbox for access determination if you are a law enforcement agency or other entity that needs to determine whether a person has designated a guardian.