About Guardianship Nomination Registry

The Secretary of State is responsible to make available the Request to Nominate Guardian Form which, may be electronically and securely filed in the Nevada Lockbox.

Senate Bill 229 of the 2017 Legislative Session established a process by which an adult person may request to nominate another person to serve as his or her guardian in the event that designation of a guardian becomes necessary.  The form must be signed by the registrant requesting the nomination, two impartial adult witnesses and must be notarized.

Once filed, your Request to Nominate Guardian Form will be readily available when needed, 24-7, to you and the authorized entities designated by law who have been set up to have access, specifically the courts and law enforcement. 

The Nevada Lockbox is a simple & secure approach to ensure that your Request to Nominate Guardian Form is available in the event that an authorized entity needs to determine whether a person has designated a guardian.

Registration is free. Instructions, forms and resources needed to register are available at NevadaLockbox.nv.gov or on the Secretary of State website NVSOS.gov.