Transfer Agent

Transfer Agents located in the State of Nevada are required to be licensed with the Division pursuant to NRS 90.310. It is unlawful for any person or entity to transact business in this State as a transfer agent unless licensed or exempt from licensing under the Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 90.

The procedure for Transfer Agent Licensing is for an applicant to file an application with the Administrator. The application must include:

(a) A copy of the most recent Uniform Form for Registration as a Transfer Agent filed by the applicant (SEC Form TA-1);

(b) The Uniform Consent to Service of Process (Form U-2);

(c) A balance sheet prepared in the manner prescribed in NAC 90.335 for an applicant for licensing as a broker-dealer*; and

(d) A certificate that the applicant has qualified to do business in this State, if qualification is required by NRS 80.010.

The original signature of the applicant must be used on the forms required pursuant to paragraphs (a) and (b) of subsection 1.

* Must be prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and Must be accompanied by a report of audit containing the unqualified opinion of an independent certified public accountant;

Once a completed application is received and reviewed by the Division, the applicant will receive a Notice of License as a Transfer Agent, which will include an effective date. Thereafter, the license of a transfer agent expires on December 31 of each year. A transfer agent must renew its license annually.  Renewal is accomplished by sending a letter, addressed to the Administrator of the Securities Division (in the Las Vegas Office), requesting renewal and advising of any changes (e.g. name, address or telephone number changes).  Said request letter should be submitted no later than December 15th to assure timely renewal.

Furthermore, each licensed transfer agent shall comply with the provisions of Rule 3110 of the NASD Conduct Rules.

If a transfer agent no longer wishes to operate in Nevada, a transfer agent can withdraw from licensing in this State by filing with the Administrator a Notice of Withdrawal From Registration as Transfer Agent (SEC Form TA-W).

For questions , please contact Terry Sanchez, Administrative Assistant III, Licensing at 702-486-2440