Application Process

The application to register as a Document Preparation Service is submitted online.  It is important that you review the requirements of registration before beginning the application process to complete all the required fields.

Create an account
First, create an account with a secure login.  Fill in the requested user account information and click the Save button.  Next, go to your email account.  A notice will be emailed from the Secretary of State’s office that the account needs to be activated.  If you do not find the activation notice, check your spam or junk email folder.   Finally, activate your account and log into the online application using your log-in email and password to submit your application.

Submit application
Submitting your application is the first of three steps to complete an application. A $50 nonrefundable fee must accompany the application. 

The remaining two steps are to submit fingerprints and a $50,000 surety or cash bond.  View the Fingerprinting Procedures and Bond Requirements for additional information.  This office will review the results of the background check pursuant to the qualifications in NRS 240A.100.  If all eligibility requirements are met, you will be emailed instructions on filing the required bond with the Nevada Secretary of State to complete the application process.  Do not purchase your bond until instructed to do so.

You may not conduct business as a document preparation service until you have been issued a certificate of registration.  Once a certificate of registration has been issued, you must continue to meet all the requirements and duties set forth in NRS 240A.