Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is IARD?

  • I want to file as a Nevada based investment adviser. How do I file an application for an investment adviser to license in Nevada?

  • Where and when is the IARD available?

  • I am currently licensed as an investment adviser in Nevada. Am I required to file through the IARD?

  • How much are the application fees and how do I pay them?

  • How will renewal fees be paid?

  • The IARD system only allows for Part 1 of the new Form ADV to be filed. Do I still have to file Part II of the Form ADV?

  • The Form ADV filed through IARD is not the same Form ADV that I have filed with the Nevada Securities Division. What do I need to re-file through the IARD system?

  • Do I have to file amendments to Form ADV?

  • How are licensing of representatives of investment advisers going to change?