Polling Locations on Indian Reservations and Colonies

The 2017 Nevada Legislature enacted Senate Bill 492 to provide Indian tribes with the ability to request support from local election officials to increase access to elections. Codified as NRS 293.3572, Indian tribes may submit a request for the establishment of a polling place within the boundaries of the Indian reservation or Indian colony.

Requests may be for an early voting polling place, election day polling place, or both, and should be submitted to the respective county or city clerk. Indian tribes must submit a request prior to the first Friday in January for a Primary Election and first Friday in July for a General Election. Requests should be on letterhead and propose possible locations for the polling place(s) being requested.

Note: if a polling location is established for early voting, NRS does not require election officials to establish a polling place on Election Day. NRS also establishes that election officials are not required to establish a location within the boundaries of the Indian reservation or Indian colony in situations where it is not logically feasible.

Request Submission Deadlines
     2018       2020       2022 
 Primary Election    Jan. 5, 2018    Jan. 3, 2020    Jan. 7, 2022
 General Election    Jul. 6, 2018    Jul. 3, 2020    Jul. 1, 2022

Tribal government should contact their county election office regarding the establishment of a polling place on an Indian reservation or colony. A list of Nevada's local election offices is available by the following link: https://nvsos.gov/sos/elections/voters/county-clerk-contact-information

The Secretary of State's office is also able to answer question about the law providing for the establishment of polling locations on an Indian reservation or colony. Questions for the Secretary of State's office should be emailed to NVElect@sos.nv.gov.