Request to Withhold Address & Telephone Number from the Public

Pursuant to NRS 293.558, a registered voter may submit a written request to their respective County Clerk/Registrar of Voters to have his/her address and telephone number withheld from the public.

Upon receipt of such a request, your respective County Clerk/Registrar of Voter shall not disclose the address or phone number of a registered voter to the public, including, without limitation, 1) In response to an inquiry received by County Clerk/Registrar; or 2) By inclusion on any list of registered voters made available for public inspection pursuant to NRS 293.301, 293.440, 293C.290 and 293C.542.

Please note that while social security numbers, driver’s license, e-mail address or identification card numbers are automatically required to be withheld from the public, telephone numbers and addresses must be requested to be withheld by a registered voter (pursuant to NRS 293.558) in writing. No information other than the address, telephone number, e-mail address, social security number and driver’s license or identification card number of a registered voter may be withheld from the public.

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