Official Election Mail

What is Official Election Mail?

In order to better serve the voters of Nevada, the Secretary of State has produced this page to help identify what mail is official election mail sent by the Secretary of State, Federal government and local Election Officials, and what is mail sent by a private third-party organization. 

Official Election Mail

The 'Official Election Mail' Logos below are registered trademark of the United States Postal Service, permitted for non-partisan use only by federal, state and local government election officials.  For more information, you may wish to review the About Election Mail page provided by USPS.

 Election Mail Logo USPS

United States Postal Service. (2016, March). Official Election Mail – Graphic Guidelines and Logos, p.6. Retrieved April 27, 2016, from Registered Trademark of U.S. Postal Service.

Federal Post Card Application

The Federal Post Card Application is available from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission in multiple languages by clicking here.   The top portion of the federal voter registration form looks like this:

 Federal Post Card Application Header

Nevada State Voter Registration Application:

The Nevada State Voter Registration Application may come in different forms, depending on which agency is providing the form.  Generally, the form prescribed by the Secretary of State features the state seal, Secretary Cegavske's name, and an application number in the upper right-hand corner of the form:

 NV Registration Form Header

 Correspondence from the Secretary of State's Office will be sent on official letterhead:

Sample Letterhead

 ...and envelopes will have a return address in the upper left-hand corner that looks like this:

Sample Return Address SoS

Non-Official Election Mail, or Third-Party Mailings: 


Occasionally, third-party organizations may send targeted mailings in an attempt to get citizens to register to vote for the first time, or to update their voter registration information.   Even though these mailings may use the return address information of the Secretary of State or a county elections office, they may not be affiliated with that office.    Please read each notice to determine who sent the mailing.

Engage Nevada

This mailing is paid for by Engage Nevada (note gray type at the bottom of the page, circled in red).


Nevada Votes 2016:

Nevada Votes 2016 has been forwarding the following two-page letter to some Nevadans.  Their contact information is:

Nevada Votes 2016

9030 W. Sahara Avenue #654

Las Vegas, NV  89117

Nevada Votes 2016

(Letter continues)...

Voter Participation Center

You may receive a postcard or letter that resembles one of these samples below.  If you would like to remove yourself from this mailing list, please follow the instructions at the bottom of the mailing.  Or, you may contact the Voter Participation Center at:

963 Topsy Lane
Ste. 306 #133
Carson City, NV 89705
Tel: (202) 659-9570, or email to

VPC Postcard Front   (Front)

VPC Postcard Back(back)

VPC Letter