2016 Petitions

For a full list of all statewide ballot questions to appear on the 2016 General Election ballot including explanation, digest, arguments and financial impact statements, please click here

Statewide Questions to Appear on the 2016 General Election Ballot

         Question 1: The Background Check Initiative 
                                Nevadans for Background Checks 
                                Financial Impact Statement

        Question 2: Initiative to Regulate and Tax Marijuana 
                                Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol 
                                Financial Impact Statement 

        Question 3: The Energy Choice Initiative 
                                Nevadans for Affordable, Clean Energy Choices 
                                Financial Impact Statement 

        Question 4: Medical Patient Tax Relief Act 
                                Alliance to Stop Taxes on the Sick and Dying 
                                Financial Impact Statement 

Initiative Petitions to Amend the Nevada State Constitution

Initiative Petitions to Propose a New Statute or to Amend an Existing Statute

Referendum Petitions to Approve or Disapprove a Current State Law 

2016 Withdrawn Initiative Petitions

2016 Withdrawn Referendum Petitions

Initiative Petitions Denied Per Court Order

None at this time.

Referendum Petitions Denied Per Court Order