I Vote to Honor a Service Member Tribute

Voters' Tributes - In Their Own Words

Ruth Vasquez honors Sgt. Brett Lawrence Jr., U.S. Army
I vote to honor U.S. Army Sgt. Brett James Lawrence Jr. He served two tours in Iraq, totaling 27 months, for which he was awarded a Purple Heart. Brett Jr. was a courageous young man with a heart of gold who fought for our country to protect our freedom. Rest in peace; you will never be forgotten.

Nicole Vaeth honors Joseph Peter Vaeth, U.S. Air Force
In honor of my brother who has devoted his life to God and the service of the people of the United States. We may not always agree politically, but I love you and appreciate your commitment to a better world. Your sister, Nicole

Theresa Mary Wallenta honors Thomas Robert Wallenta, U.S. Navy
Honored for selfless duty to those he loves and never met. Pride -that he continues to service through organizations such as American Legion and NV Patriot Guard. Love that he helped me raise a USN son. Giddy - he makes me laugh constantly. Blessed!

Laura Richards honors Ernest Richards, U.S. Navy
Great husband, father and role model to our 2 sons who are also in the military.

Cynthia G. MacDonald honors Chance A MacDonald, U.S. Army MP
My son enlisted in 2004 right out of high school. Within a few months he was in Iraq. He spent 1 year there and then back to Germany to train for his next mission. Afghanistan. He spent 18 months there. Now he will be returning from Korea on Nov. 6th. Of the 8 years serving he has spent 6 out of this Great Country. And he is willing to do it all again if asked. He has enlisted for 3 more years. He loves his job. My husband also spent 20 years serving this great county. I CAN vote because they serve!

Marla Turner honors Daniel J. Weber, U.S. Marine Corps
In 2005, my then 22-year old son enlisted in the USMC. Not a typical recruit, he already had two years college under his belt, was living on his own and had a job with managerial responsibilities. Additionally, he was from a family of peace activists and was enlisting during a time when he would surely be sent to war in Iraq. When he told me he had enlisted, I could not have been more stunned. Later, I realized how strongly he must have felt about his decision, so much so that he was willing to risk the disappointment of his family and proved it by not telling us about it until after he signed on the dotted line.He went on to serve two tours during the Iraq war and came home a man with an even greater love for his country, a loyalty to his military brothers and sisters that cannot be quantified and a newer appreciation for his blood family. He did what few can do and did it with both pride and humbleness of heart. While I disagree with the reasons our military was in Iraq, I proudly support the brave men and women who served there. And the least we citizens can do in their honor is to exercise the rights he and so many others fought to hard to protect.

D. Ryan Efros honors Alan Efros, U.S. Army Air Force
In the 1940s, during the war that most threatened our democratic republic since the Revolution, my grandfather volunteered to serve with the Allies. He stood with millions of others in defense of our opportunities to speak freely, to vote, and to participate in a government by the people, for the people. I vote because my freedoms, preserved by him and many others, matter. I vote to honor his legacy.

Amanda Tremblay honors Stephen A. Sitton, U.S. Army
I vote to honor Command Sgt. Major Stephen A. Sitton, who is also the Senior Enlisted Leader for the Army and the Air National Guard. Sitton is a great leader and is well respected by his colleagues. I am honored to know such an accomplished individual.

Diane L. Mortensen honors Robert (Tom) T. Lockett, U.S. Marine Corps
I met "Tom" in 1960, when I was 13 years old. We went "Steady until he left for Viet Nam in 1963. We remained friends through the years, and although we never married, I truly believe I was his best friend and confident. He told me of the terror he experienced when the fields were sprayed with Agent Orange. The U.S sprayed 20 million gallons over forests in Viet Nam, and as a result, members of the armed forces were exposed to it...The sadness he witnessed and the pain he experienced when he was diagnosed with cancer and the military refused to acknowledge any link with Agent Orange. ...never any assistance for the medical care etc that he needed. The fear of losing friends and buddies, who became terribly ill from this horrible chemical. He was a changed person when he came home....a certain pain in his eyes, never left him. I honor him now, as he was never honored the way our troops are honored today. Tom lost his life to Cancer last year. He donated his body to science so that others might survive in the future.

Samantha K. McGee honors Brandon Darkis, U.S. Army
I'm voting to honor my good friend Brandon and all of our service men because they sacrificed, went over seas and fought, and many died so that I have the right to vote. They gave so I didn't have to and I owe them. Not exercising the right that they gave so much for is a waste and dishonoring to our service men.

Roberta A. Ramsey honors Patrick Quinn, U.S. Army Guard & William Joseph Marler, U.S. Air Force Guard
I honor both of these gentlemen who have served their country and sacrificed their personal lives to make our United States of America a safer place to live.

Michael B. Waffle. Sr. honors Michael B. Waffle Jr., U.S. Air Force
I honor my son with this message as he is deployed at Yokota AB, Japan

Kelli Joan Day honors Michelle Savoy Day, U.S. Air Force
I'm voting because my daughter is serving in the United States Air Force. She is serving her country with pride! I'm voting with pride! Both of us are doing our duty to keep our beautiful country a safe place it live! Thank you. A1C Michelle Day (my daughter)

Deborah DuBois Trujillo honors Christopher Allen Shafer, U.S. Navy
Chris is my great-nephew and I want to acknowledge his service as it makes it possible for me to vote.

Terri Sottile honors SSgt Jeremy Roe and MSgt Brian Batson, U.S. Air Force
I am so proud of my sons for serving their country and what good men they have become. I vote for them to provide them a better America whether they are at home or away on duty. It is the least I can do to honor them.

Frankie Day honors Dale Spencer Day, U.S. Navy
My husband Dale Day was a corpsman who served in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive in 1968, and has spent a large part of his life surrounded by the events that took place durng that time. When he returned to the United States he did not receive a 'Welcome Home' from our beloved countrymen and women. I am writing this message to my husband and to all of the Vietnam Veteran's who served to defend the rights of freedom and democracy. "WELCOME HOME" Veteran's, and I love you, Dale Day.

Skylar Petersen honors Herbert Peterson, U.S. Marine Corps
I am voting in honor of my grandfather to show how my gratitude for the sacrifices he made for myself, my family, and my country. I love you Bert.

Michele Paul honors Jose Barajas, Dayton, NV
Jose is a young man who not only has served his country but will also be a first-time voter this year. I am proud to be voting in his honor.

Claudia Small honors all members of our armed forces
My husband, brother & sister were in the service (Korea and Vietnam). They got very little acknowledgement for their service. I tried to thank each one for keeping me safe.

Marjorie Hopkins honors Larnce Hopkins, Sr., U.S. Army
This is my late husband. He served in WWII with Merrill's Marauders, during which time he was a POW for about six weeks. After WWII he remained in the Army, later serving in Korea. His service continued until retirement of twenty years in 1963. He passed away in December 1988 and is buried in Arlington Cemetery. We were married for twenty five years and have one son. My son and I are proud of what my husband contributed in the service of our country. We miss him each and every day and have loving memories.

Andrea Allen honors PFC. Melissa C. Allen, U.S. Army and Joey P. Fontana, NV Air National Guard
I am proud to wear this pin in honor of my father who served in the Air Force, as well as my daughter who is serving in the Army.

Tabitha Leslie Castillo honors Claudio Castillo, U.S. Army
My grandfather, Claudio Castillo, served in the Korean War and from a very early age he instilled on me the importance and privilege of voting for the leaders of our great nation. He was a man of a great many wonderful values and I believe that if the leaders I vote for have a fraction of those values, then they will be excellent leaders.

Scott F. Gilles honors Donald Gilles, U.S. Army
I am voting to honor my grandfather, Donald Gilles, who fought in World War II in the Battle of Guadalcanal and earned a Purple Heart for being wounded in action. My grandfather passed away in 1999.

Charlotte "Cherrie" Gail Burns honors Charles Joseph Servocky, U.S. Air Force
I vote in honor of my amazing father who served this great nation of ours so proudly. He served in WWII, Korea, Cuba Crises and in VietNam. My father was so dedicated to his country, was a fighter pilot for his duration in the Air Force. At Luke AFB, AZ on a pedestal as you enter the base is the jet he crashed landed with no injuries to himself and very little to the airplane. When my father was 43 he asked to serve in VietNam to do his duty to country...he did so with pride. I am so proud of my father and he instilled in me the pride to be an American. I feel honored that my birthday is flag day, June 14th! I love the colors red, white and blue...and as it has been said - those colors DO NOT RUN! We live in such a great nation on behalf of all the men and women who serve today, have served in the past and will serve in the future. I am proud to say that my father is one of the fine men who have made the freedoms we have today possible. I will be voting in honor of my father LT. COL. CHARLES J. SERVOCKY, ret - now deceased. RIP my daddy! Thanks for this awesome program.

Gail R. Larson honors Todd M. Larson, U.S. Air Force
As a mom, my heart bursts with pride knowing my son, Todd, along with all military personnel worldwide protect our country each and every day.

Eric Prunty honors SSGT. Jeremy Newton, U.S. Marine Corps
Jeremy has served in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Marine Corps for 11 years. I am voting in his honor because his courage and sacrifice to US citizens of this great country grant us the right to vote and determine our course ahead, and freely choose our future.

Janet A. Conrad-McCarthy honors Christopher Hall, U.S. Navy
This Navy service member has matured from an eager young boy into a dedicated young man since joining the US Navy. His community is very proud of him and what he does to insure our freedom.

Sandra Enyeart honors Col. John A. Broshek, U.S. Air Force
My father, Col. John A. Broshek, was a career officer in the Air Force. He served during WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He loved this country and his family and voting is one way I can honor his memory. 

Kristol Bradley Ginapp honors Bill L. Bradley, Sr., U.S. Navy and Kenneth Kunnemann, U.S. Marine Corps
I am voting in honor of both of my grandfathers who bravely served during the Korean War.

Sharlea Taft honors Percy Stevenson, U.S. Army
My grandfather proudly served his country for twenty years and is no longer with us. I honor him with my vote because he served to keep this country free.

David R. Evans, U.S. Army
Everyone has a duty to vote.

Marjorie V. Hopkins honors Frank Long Noble & Charles Clayton Noble, U.S. Air Force
My brother Frank is enlisted retired USAF, serving from 1961-1994. He currently resides in Marysville, WA.  My brother Charles, also enlsited, served from 1972-1975. Due to severe injury he had to leave the service. He currently resides in Silver Springs, NV. Both brothers served on the "flight line" and service included time in Korea. Charles also served in Viet Nam. I am proud of the service both have given to our country.

Rex Eugene Pickett honors Colonel Heather Pickett , U.S. Air Force
I vote to honor my wife, Colonel Heather Pickett, who has served our country faithfully for over 20 years. Her dedication to God, country, family and the Air Force is remarkable. I am so proud of the love of my life. She strives to always do the right thing despite the cost. The Air Force will be losing a great leader and physician upon her retirement. Aiden, Brenna and I will be blessed to be spending more time with Heather.

Susan Eileen Smith honors Raymond Joseph Gomes, U.S. Marine Corps
Raymond Joseph Gomes represented what a true US Countryman is. He lived his life as a proud American and instilled in his children the pride of being a US Citizen. He believed in serving his Country.

Mr. Ben J. Gillard  honors Kenneth R. Gillard, U.S. Navy
My Father, Kenneth R. Gillard, served proudly as a Chief Gunners Mate aboard a destroyer escort in the Pacific Theater during WWII - Navy 7th Fleet. Until recent years, he did not speak much about his service, but when he finally did I understood fully the reason for his quiet resolve. He was a man of great honor and integrity, he took care of his family, was married to my mother for 62 years until his death at age 82. He raised his three children to all be good and self-motivated and responsible citizens with deep patriotic feelings for our country. None of "Kenney's" children ever watched a flag go by without standing and saluting or placing our hands over our hearts. One of the most important lessons he taught us was ALWAYS VOTE - if for anything else to honor those service men and women who came before us and spilled their blood fighting for our freedom. - He didn't care who you voted for - JUST VOTE! I dedicate this to my Hero - my father - Kenneth R. Gillard, USN

Jessie Fleming honors SMSgt Joey P. Fontana, U.S. Air Force
I am voting because my grandpa taught me that it is my duty. He served our country so that we could be free; the least I can do is vote. 

Linda West Myers honors Ed Gobel, U.S. Army, 101st Airborne Division
Despite suffering the ravages of war every minute of every day as he, a former athlete, is confined to a wheelchair from his service to Our Great State and Nation, Ed fights every day to help others. Through his selfless sacrifice he has saved countless lives, helped other Veterans restore their dignity through finding them jobs as he assists them in getting the healthcare and other benefits they have earned, and reminded our state legislators of the importance of Honor, not only to our Veterans and their family members but, indeed, all Nevadans. He has authored and caused the passage of legislation honoring and helping Veterans, seniors, children, handicapped, and all Nevadans, as an extraordinary citizen, without having been elected to the legislature. Respected and loved by his family, he always puts their needs above his own. He is my brother. I thank you for this opportunity to remind everyone of the Honor and Sacrifice of our amazing servicemen and women in defense of our Freedom. My hope is that this program will serve as a reminder to all that Our Country is worth fighting for.

Jerome and Mary K. Swalen honor PFC Melissa C. Allen, U.S. Army
To show support.

William C. Allen honors PFC Melissa C. Allen, U.S. Army
I am voting to honor my daughter and service member, Melissa C. Allen. Without you and all those serving our country, we wouldn't have the right to vote. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. I am very proud of you.

Harold D. Plante honors Bob Allison, U.S. Air Force
He's a good person and fellow vet. 

Christopher Grainger honors Douglas Howard, U.S. Army
I would like to honor my Grandfather for the service he did, in World War II. His generation knew the meaning of sacrifice, and I am proud to cast my vote, in representation for what he gave up to preserve that right for me. Thanks to him, and all of our service-men and service-women who have served and continue to do so, we have the opportunity to express one of our cherished Freedoms, that so many around the world are still are unable to do.

Diane King honors Emily King, U.S. Air Force
I am voting in honor of my daughter Emily, a service member in the USAF. I am so very proud of her.

Ford Michael Radza honors Michael Paul Radza, U.S. Marine Corps
I vote as a right guaranteed by the willingness of all those who wear the uniform to sacrifice, including my grandfather.

Renea Louie honors Shelby Louie, U.S. Navy
I vote for her freedom to serve, her freedom to protect us from danger, and we are very honored she is serving on our nation's behalf and its safety. 

Anne Cates honors Emily Cates, U.S. Navy 
My daughter is a Native Nevadan and fourth-generation Navy sailor. Since July 2013, she has been serving at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and is 19 years old. Since she was a baby I have taken her to the polling places and instilled in her the honor and privilege of casting her ballot in each and every election. One of the first things my daughter did upon arriving on base was register for absentee ballot so that she may vote in the elections here in Nevada. She takes her responsibility as a citizen of the great State of Nevada seriously.   I am proud of my daughter, her service to our country, and wish to vote in honor of my daughter, Hospital Corpsman Emily Cates. 

Charity Ananda Meadows honors Armando Cervantes Munoz, U.S. Army
Thank you dad for your service in Korea. I vote every election since I have turned 18 because you fought for my right to do so. Thank you Armando Cervantes Munoz. I salute you and all the service members of our nation.

Katherine Miller honors MAJ Rachael Greve, U.S. Army
A sister, an Army nurse, has served both overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in large state-side hospitals such as Walter Reed. She is so busy taking care of others that she has little time to take care of herself. This is true of many busy military men and women. The best way to honor them is not to just attend a parade (although that is important and worthy) but to take care of them through the power of our vote; working to ensure that the benefits they work so hard for are protected. 

Virginia Kemper honors Major Anthony (Tony) Straw, U.S. Air Force
I would like to honor my grandson for continuing the legacy of defending our nation and our freedoms by serving in the military. My husband, Tony's grandfather, served in WWII and instilled in our grandson a sense of pride, patriotism and duty. I am honored and pleased that he has chosen to actively serve in our armed forces both here and abroad. 

David Aunkst honors USS Corvina (SS-226), U.S. Navy
I vote to honor the crew of the USS Corvina (SS-226) which was lost with all hands (82 men) on 16 November 1943, during a Japanese submarine attack off Truk in the Western Pacific. I include in this honor as well the other 51 submarines lost during WWII, and those that were lost after the war. The USS Corvina has been designated the Nevada “State” Boat to memorialize by the Submarine Veterans of WWII organization. The Corvina Base-Reno of the US Submarines Veterans Inc. pays remembrance to its crew and all other boats lost, so that they will not be forgotten.

Sarah Lyn Rodriguez honors Sgt. Joseph Rodriguez, Nevada Army National Guard
Joe is a member of the Nevada Army National Guard. He is a proud patriot of Nevada and of the United States of America. He has selflessly been serving in the military since 2004 and is currently an MP with the 485th. He has served on 2 deployments to Afghanistan with Operation Enduring Freedom and a humanitarian mission to Hatti with Operation New Horizon. Most importantly though, I am proud to call this soldier HUSBAND. Joe, from the whole of my heart, thank you for helping to protect the place we call HOME, my freedom, my rights, and our fellow Americans.

Ric Frost honors Lt. Col. Robert Gilbert (retired) U.S. Army
Dr. Robert Gilbert served under General Patton during WW II. He was one of many involved in the landing at Normandy and later during the Battle of the Bulge. This lead to the liberation of Plzen, Czechoslovakia May 6, 1945. He was the commander of the point team of the first Americans to enter Plzen that day with the 16th Armored Division. What he and many others experienced was brutal, terrifying and beyond anyone's imagination, yet they held together to cut a path through the Nazi occupied lands and liberated many from the oppressive grip. They headed to Prague before they were called back to Plzen by Eisenhower, leaving Prague to be taken over by Soviet forces. He remembers that time as Czech civilians pleaded with the U.S. soldiers to rush to the aid of their countrymen in Prague. U.S. soldiers could hear the radio broadcasts pleading for help on their own radios. “One of the most terrible three days of my life after our war was over was hearing the Czechs in Prague crying out for help over the radio,” he tells anyone that listens to his experience. He always stressed the importance of freedom and honoring the sacrifice of those who passed the torch of liberty to us. I can vote in honor of Uncle Bob because of people like him and all that sacrificed for us, thus it is my obligation to vote. 

Jennifer Janosik honors Travon Flemon, U.S. Army
My son. Service members need recognition. They serve our country and don't get many thank yous. We need to honor them for their work and dedication.

Julie Straw honors Major Anthony (Tony) Straw, U.S. Air Force
I would like to honor my son, Tony, for his eleven plus years in the active service of the Air Force. From a young age he displayed a sense of duty and patriotism - always the first in the family to remember the special days to fly our US Flag outside. He followed his dreams and attended the US Air Force Academy and went on to be a pilot in the US Air Force. Thankfully, he has safely returned from four deployments to the Middle East in his ongoing assignments to defend our country and freedoms.

Larry Nelson honors Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, U.S. Army
Gen. Boykin gave great service in the Army. He stood up with honor when he was attacked for this belief in His Lord Jesus. His First Amendment rights were violated. He was abandoned by his Commander in Chief. However, he fought the good fight and the Holy Spirit of God set him free. 

Bridget Pincolini honors Joshua Lee McCutcheon, U.S. Air Force
I am voting today to honor a service member because my son is in the United States Air Force. The brave men and women of our military have taken the oath to defend our country at all costs. They have committed their lives to saving those that cannot defend themselves and standing in defense of our country so that we remain free. It is their dedication to the oath they have taken which allows us to sleep well at night knowing that when we wake our freedoms and privileges as United States citizens remain intact.  I thank all the men and women of the U.S. Military for their dedicated service to our country.

Julie Evans honors Sgt. Jacquelyn Eveatt, Nevada Army National Guard
My daughter is my hero. She works to defend life and liberty not only in the State of Nevada, but in her deployments to Haiti, The Dominican Republic and Afghanistan. She has been strong and true to her unit and to the United State of America. I love her with all my heart. "Nikki" entered the service in 2008 and has just entered into another term with the Nevada Army National Guard. It is my privilege to honor my daughter for her dedication to the State of Nevada and the United States of America. A true service member does not solicit complements or recognition. But as a mom, I will always love and support my daughter. From a very proud Blue Star Mother (Truckee Meadows NV# 3 - Blue Star Mothers of America).

James C. Collins, Jr. honors Timothy James Collins, U.S. Marines
Four tours of Iraq and one long tour in Afghanistan and all that went with those tours is reason enough. 

Theresa Kenneston honors Jake Kenneston, U. S. Army
To honor our men and women who go to war to fight the enemies of America and return with a lifetime of horror and nightmares. I hope my one vote brings change that will truly honor your sacrifice. I'm proud of you, my son. May God ease your pain.

Julie Diane Prior honors Anthony Janos, U. S. Army
I would like to vote in honor of my step-grandson, for wanting to defend our nation and our freedoms by serving in the military with pride, patriotism and duty both on our soil and in Afghanistan, as well as my father (Army), step-father (Navy) and father-in-law (Navy) who all served in WWII. 

Paula Fleming honors Joshua Tash, U.S. Army
I vote to honor my son, US Army National Guardsman, SGT 1st Class Joshua Tash. He served 2 year long tours with the US Army for Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Medic. His service prompted my service as a founding Mother with our local Truckee Meadows NV#3 Blue Star Mothers of America. I vote to keep our Country strong and free, just as Josh as taken the oath to defend her. I am very appreciative of all the Military service men and women, past and present, for the life I can live in the Truckee Meadows Nevada. I have the honor and privilege of calling them friends. 

Robert Zimmerman honors Joe Plemons, U.S. Army
Joe Plemons served our country for 30 years. His first five years were with the 1st Cavalry Division in the Korean War and in Japan. SGM Plemons’ final 25 years were spent as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician (EOD). Throughout his distinguished military career, SGM Plemons received numerous commendations and medals including a Bronze Star with Valor while serving in Viet Nam. While in Viet Nam he was exposed to Agent Orange which would affect his health greatly. Joe is my mother’s twin brother and was more of a father to me than anyone else.

Charlie Morris honors Geordie Higby, U.S. Air Force
Geordie is one of the over 90% of military members who will never be recognized for their service. Never shot at, he still put his name on that list just like so many other men and women for over 240 years. Thank you Geordie.

Alice Bolin honors Anthony Hanson, U.S. Army Aviation
I am voting in honor of my nephew Major Anthony R. Hanson. Anthony grew up in the state of Kansas and made a decision to join the service after college. He has served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is now stateside training other soldiers. I am very proud of his bravery and his love for his country and his family. I am proud to vote in his honor and in honor of all the soldiers who came before him and all the soldiers that will come after him. The people of America need to remember that members of the armed services help maintain our democracy, but they cannot do it all. Those of us who do not serve need to do our part in keeping democracy alive by actively engaging in the political process. And we can begin by voting at each and every election.

Penny Maciel honors Drake Simms, U.S. Marine Corps
My nephew had 3 tours of duty in Iraq and survived. His bravery along with all the other men and women who serve our country is an inspiration and testament to just how great our country is. 

Melissa Mauer honors Leonard Mauer, U.S. Military
I admire and respect our service members and their family members for the sacrifices they make on my behalf. I am truly grateful and humbled by their courage to fight for my freedom. This program brings awareness to those heroes we have lost, to those who are struggling with coming home, and to those who are still fighting on the front lines. Hopefully more people will vote to honor the bravery of these men and women and encourage others to do the same. 

Daniel K. Severance honors Ronal McNamara, U.S. Army
Colonel Ronald McNamara has been on active duty for over 20 years. He has been deployed overseas on several occasions as a front line warrior and as a leader. He shows great compassions for the men and women under his command. He told me once that “He truly loves these brave men and women in today’s Army because everyone of them chose to be there. They weren’t drafted, they volunteered!” To me, he is a great example of a true American. Loyal to his Family, his Country and to the people who represent it.

Debra Noel honors SFC Richard Martinez, Army National Guard
I vote to honor my late husband who was always willing to lay down his life for this country which he loved and was proud to server for 20 years. 

Roxyanne Severance honors Colonel Ronald McNamara, U.S. Army
I am voting to honor my brother who has dedicated his life to a career that allows me a choice to live free in the United States of America. My gratitude for the sacrifices he and his family have made cannot be expressed enough. Thank you, Col. and Mrs. McNamara. I am proud and grateful for the choice that you and all the men and women of the armed forces have made to defend our country, our freedoms and our rights to live and vote in this wonderful country we call home. 

Steven Frank Rhodes honors Frank Rhodes, U.S. Army
My father, Frank Rhodes, served our country during the Vietnam conflict as part of the 1st Calvary division of the US Army. Even though he won't talk about what took place over there I know that he served honorably and I am proud of him for that! 

Julia Marie Schmidt honors Doc Huck, U.S. Army
To me, I Vote to Honor a Service Member is an opportunity to honor and thank service members for their sacrifices. If it weren't for them our country would not be the wonderful country we love. We would not live in the land of opportunity. I vote to exercise my privilege as a U.S. citizen and to thank all service members, even those I've never met, for their selflessness.
I have specifically listed my grandfather as the service member I vote to honor. He served in World War II in Okinawa. He's not the only person I honor by voting. I didn't have room to list all family and friends that have served. I also think it's important to honor those that I do not personally know. They have all selflessly put their lives on the line for a stranger.

Heather Lutzow honors Staff Sargeant Arthur William Hoult, U.S. Air Force
I did not know Staff SGT Arthur William Hoult or any of his family members. I would like to honor him with my vote because he gave up his freedom to better the rest of the world. SSGT Hoult was Prisoner of War in the Korean War. He died while be incarcerated in 1954. His body was not recovered; therefore, his family was never able to bring him home to Nevada and bury him in the best place to be from.

Barbara Schenk Honors LS2 Felicia Tate U.S. Navy
Petty Officer Tate spends hours of her own personal time to recognize our deceased service members as a part of NOSC Las Vegas' Nacy Ho9nor Guard. She is deserving of recognition.

Julie VanDyke honors SSGT. Michael VanDyke, Army National Guard
My husband served a tour of duty in Afghanistan and while those 13 months away from his family were difficult to endure, he served with honor and distinction in an hostile environment. I am proud of his service to our country and to our State.

Lanita Mashawn Anderson honors Leon Jones, U.S. Army
I voted in honor of my father, Leon Jones, who served bravely during the Vietnam War. My father battled depression and PTSD as a result of serving. However, he was very proud to be a veteran and was proud of being a part of the "veteran" fraternity.

Lorena Nallely Gutierrez-Alegre honors Octavio Rojas, U.S. Marine Corps.
I am voting in honor of my cousin Octavio Rojas. He served three tours in Iraq, was amongst the first Marines sent into Iraq and continues to serve our country as a dedicated marine. He has made our family very proud and it is an honor to vote on his behalf.

Peggy Lear Bowen honors Caleb Lesselles, U.S. Air Force
I voted in honor of Caleb Lesselles because he talked to the recruiter on/about 9/10/2001 (peacetime) and enlisted on/about 9/12/2001 (wartime) and served as a loadmaster in and out of Bagdad becasue he believes in this nation and loves his country.

Vernon Ulrich honors Kevin Ruhnau, U.S. Army
My family has a tradition of serving in the U.S. military. My grandfather served in the U.S. Army in WW II and was part of the D Day Invasion. My uncles have served in the U.S. Army. My cousins have served in the U.S. Army National Guard and Reserves, and they have served in the U.S. Air Force. My father in-law served in the U.S. Navy for more than 20 years, during WW II and the Korean War.

I am honored to have served in the U.S. Army Reserve and the U.S. Air Force.

Our sons have served in the U.S. Army, and our oldest son is still serving after 19 years. Our veterans have valiantly served on behalf of our nation and their efforts in the past, present and future will allow our nation to survive. I want to thank all veterans for their service. Since the veterans have stepped up and served our nation, all citizens should perform their civic duty and exercise their right to vote.

Debra Noel honors SFC Richard Martinez Ely, Nevada. NV Army National Guard
I vote in honor of my late husband who was always willing to lay down his life for this country which he loved.

Evelyn Louise Seidel honors Robert W. Dierolf, Melvin H. Seidel & Eric Dierolf, all U.S. Army
I choose to honor all three of these very important men in my life--the first two deceased husbands who served in the Korean conflict and WWII. The third, Eric, served 12 years with two deployments to Iraq and now lives in Sparks. I am proud of the service they gave to our country and to honor all those who have served and are currently serving us as well.

Catherine May Hastings Nielsen honors Matthew Charles Nielsen & Thomas Vonbargen, Carson City, NV. NV Army National Guard
My husband, Matthew, has dedicated his life to serving our country to protect the rights of myself, our daughters and all American citizens. Voting to me means that his time away from us to do so, was not wasted. My cousin, Thomas Vonbargen, too has dedicated his life to serving our country. With multiple deployments and countless hours spent away from our family, I could never thank him enough. Voting is my way of thanking these two brave men.

James English honors Dale Comstock, Gary Gordon, Randy Shughart, Chris Kyle, Adam Brown and Marc Lee
In honor of those who matter most. Those who matter most aren't reading this weak attempt to honor their service with simple words. A few men/warriors for thought are Dale Comstock, Gary Gordon, Randy Shughart, Chris Kyle, Adam Brown, Marc Lee, etc…The list is long and the men on it are much more than we... All gave some...some gave all.

Mrs. Angela Denise Bigby honors Richard Clarence Coleman. Wewoka, OK. U.S. Navy
I am voting in honor of my father who served proudly and love the military. He always spoke of his time in the service with a twinkle in his eye and excitement in his voice. I loved the stories and NEVER tired of hearing them. When he finally got to do a family tour on a submarine with my husband he had yet another chapter of the Navy to share with excitement. GO NAVY!

Mrs. Wendy Bliss honors all service members. All Branches Everywhere
I vote in honor of every single person who has served and are serving our Great Nation!

Mr. Ronald Newsome honors all American Military Service Men/Women. All Branches of our American Military Service
It is with honor to vote and stand as an American and show both respect and gratitude for the work and lives given for this Great Country by our Service Men/Women of all the Military Branches! Thank You All!

Mr. Saul Varcela Jr. honors all American Service Members, Men and Women. All American Branches, Men and Women
It is an Honor to vote for all the Servicemen and Servicewomen who have fought diligently and those that have lost their lives to defend our civil liberties as citizens of the United States of America.

Mr. Tony Podorsek honors all Air National Guardsmen. Reno, NV
Thanks to the Nevada Air National Guard’s 152nd Airlift Wing in Reno. Your service is greatly appreciated!

Mr. Rusty Stanberry honors Kenny Paul Stanberry. Manhattan, KS. U.S. Navy
I am honoring my father who served in the US NAVY and guided my path to do the same. I am honored to have been a son of a sailor and recommend others to serve where possible.

Ms. Louise M. Ligouri honors Sgt. Brian M. Ligouri. Reno, NV. Army Airborne
I have voted in almost every election since I was 18 and will continue to do so as is the right of every citizen, a right for which my son is out there protecting, having serving three tours in Afghanistan, and now is stationed overseas for three years. These are the dangers and sacrifices every service member face, armed conflict, long periods of time away from family, leaving the safety of the Land of the Free. I vote not to just honor my son, but my father, grandfather, uncles, and all the service members protecting our freedom.

Catherine Bautista honors Daniel Collier. New York - Air Force
Though Dan is a new member to our family, we are blessed to have him. He makes us laugh. From becoming a new husband, a new dad, and all the responsibilities that come with having a family ; Dan has served abroad and organized an event for Horses for Heroes located at Tule Springs in Las Vegas. His entire unit and family members arrived early to repair, cleanup and do whatever it took to groom the area. Since the program has a small staff, it was needed and appreciated at the end of the day. Dan continues to have a positive and "move-forward" attitude that inspires others. We are thankful that he serves his county and to have him as a family member. 

Miguel A. Camacho honors Macklyn Jasso. NV - US Army
I Vote to Honor Macklyn and all the brave young men and women willing to sacrifice everything for all of us back home. These courageous individuals do all they can to protect the rights and traditions of our great nation and the least I could do is honor them on election day. Your service does not go unnoticed and the nation collectively thanks you for every minute you dedicate, including but not limited to: Dylan Smith, Alex Iza, Frank Zavala, Levid Camacho, Martin Rodriguez and Tyler Charles.

Anthony J. Guzewicz honors Anthony J. Guzewicz Jr.  Weedsport, NY - US Army
My uncle was a good soldier and community leader. I am honored to vote in his memory.

Alyce Reese honors CPL Jeremy Ray Cunningham. Reno, NV - Army National Guard II Bravo MP
Jeremy is my nephew. He is a wonderful young man. Currently serving in Kuwait for 10 months. He is 100% for our Country Military service.

Joseph Fred Guidice honors Joseph James Guidice.  Brooklyn, NY - Marine Corps
Survived and was so proud to be a Marine. He served his country 100% and served as a husband and Father 110%. He taught me "which he thought" was of most importance. To treat others how you wanted to be treated. He was a true gentleman yet, ferocious when protecting his family and country. I close with this, JOSEPH JAMES GUIDICE I salute you DAD. Semper Fidelis.

Penny Juarez honors Michael Juarez, US Army and Fernando Juarez, US Navy.  Both from Las Vegas, NV
So proud of my son Michael Juarez who is serving in the U.S. Army and his father Fernando Juarez who is in Iraq - today - my gratitude for the sacrifices they have both made for their family - love you guys so much.

Jennifer Magos honors Florencio & David Sepulveda.  Madera, CA - US Army
My Grandfather and uncle both served in the United States Army.  My uncle David bravely volunteered to go to Vietnam.  All three generations (myself included) passed through the Fort Ord Army base near Monterey, CA.  My time spent there was after it was converted to a college campus.  I am immensely proud of both of them and ALL of my family & friends that have served in different branches of the military.  Their service is not forgotten.  I have voted in every election since I turned 18 years old, and I will continue to do so for as long as I am on this earth. It is a privilege and a right, not only given to us by our military, but also many others who sacrificed and gave their lives so we can do so, it would be a shame not to. Thank you to them all.

Ronnalee Knight honors Craig Dawson from Bakersfield, CA - Marine Corps
Mr. Dawson devoted 34 years to our country.  He served 5 tours while in the Marine Corp.  He is a true American who defends and protects the United States.  It is men like Craig Dawson who I am proud to know and call a friend.

Jimmy Lee Keith II honors William Keith.  Carson City, NV - US Army
This Army service member has matured from an eager young boy into a dedicated young man since joining the US Army. His UNNKK is very proud of him. Love you WEE WEE.

Fernando Juarez honors Staff Sergeant Michael Juarez. Las Vegas, NV - US Navy
Go Army! And God bless the United States of America.

Ida Diaz honors Ricky & Johnny Marquez.  Henderson, NV - US Navy
I vote in honor of my youngest brother and my oldest brother, thank you for your service.

Johnnette P. L. Fafard honors Sgt. Raymond R. Fafard.  Las Vegas, NV - US Army
I am the widow of a true upfront Vietnam war hero who served proudly in 1968.  Raymond was a great husband, father and papa to his grandchildren; we are his legacy.  I honor ALL our men and women who have served and are serving in all branches of the US Military!  What our military soldiers deserve is true recognition.  My soul mate no longer suffers and I miss my husband each day.  He gives me inner strength and I will continue to fight!  God bless us all!  I will vote!

Robert Diaz honors Michael & Fernando Juarez.  Henderson, NV - US Navy & US Army
I vote in honor of my grandson and my son in law.  So proud of you.  God bless America.

Buffy Leree Nolan honors Clinton Bader.  Glennonville, MO - US Navy
In appreciation for the sacrifice he makes on a daily basis to honor and protect our freedom.

Harvey J. Winer honors PFC Roy Lee Winer.  Broken Bow, OK - US Army
In Honor PFC Roy Lee Winer, of those who served, and those who gave all, as we all know. All have given some, but some have given all, for the freedoms, rights, and liberty to pursue life, liberty and happiness, by the choice we have made that is what this nation is made of, now and always. I was in Vietnam with PFC Roy Lee Winer 1967, and will never forget the price, he paid for our freedoms. Both US Army and the US Marines, I too served, the few, the proud, the Marines, first to fight, the very spearhead of our freedom sword to victory always, Semper Fi.

Jeffrey E. Hernandez honors Casey M. Gonzales.  San Angelo, TX - US Air Force
Casey has made a huge impact on his family. He is courageous and caring. Casey will continuously go out of his way to help others and be successful. I have always looked up to Casey and I am inspired to be like Casey! I vote for Casey because of the scarifices he has made and the dedication he brings to serve our country.