Report Potential Election Law Violation in Nevada

The Secretary of State’s Office oversees Nevada’s Elections and is constantly monitoring elections activities. However, we also rely on the help of citizens to report violations of Title 24 (Nevada’s Elections Laws) of the Nevada Revised Statues. To facilitate this process, the Secretary of State has developed a statewide complaint system to address allegations involving a violation of any provision of Title 24.

To initiate the process, a formal complaint must be received by the Secretary of State, and identify the person making the complaint. The complaint must set forth the alleged violation of law and identify the party responsible for the violation, as well as set forth dates and times of specific occurrences, if practicable. Upon receiving the formal complaint in the Secretary of State’s office either by conventional mail, email, facsimile or hand delivery, the Secretary of State’s office shall begin the resolution process.

Under this process any person may file a complaint who believes that there has been a violation, a violation is occurring, or a violation will be occurring related to any provision Title 24. These procedures shall be uniform and non-discriminatory. If under these procedures the Secretary of State determines that there is a violation, an appropriate remedy shall be provided to the extent permitted by law. If the Secretary of State determines that the complaint does not allege a violation, the Secretary of State may dismiss the complaint or refer it to the proper agency for resolution. The complainant will be notified of any action taken by the Secretary of State.

To file a formal complaint with the Secretary of State, complete the Election Integrity Violation Report and send it to the Elections Division at the address listed below.


101 North Carson Street, Suite 3
Carson City, NV 89701-3714
Fax: 775-684-5718