Campaign Finance Reporting Requirements

Filing Contributions & Expenses (C&E) Reports and Financial Disclosure Statements (FDS)
State law requires that all C&E Reports and Financial Disclosure Statements be filed electronically with the Secretary of State’s office using the AURORA, Campaign Finance Disclosure system.

Exemptions to the electronic filing requirment will only be granted to filers who submit an affidavit declaring they do not own, have access, or have the financial ability to obtain access to the necessary technology. Candidates who receive or expend more than $10,000 are not eligible for the exemption. To obtain the affidavit form, contact the Elections Division at (775) 684-5705.

Click here to file your C&E report and/or your Financial Disclosure Statement. Filing late or failing to file will result in a penalty. Find more information in the 2016 Campaign Guide
To view a specific report, begin by selecting the appropriate tab in AURORA, Campaign Finance Disclosure.

If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary of State's Elections Division at (775) 684-5705 or  

For more information about Contributions & Expenditures (C&E) Reports, click here.

For more information about Financial Disclosure Statements (FDS), click here.