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The purpose of this website tool is to file and make available Contributions & Expenses (C&E) Reports and Financial Disclosure Statements (FDS).  By using the Search feature, you are able to view reports filed from 2004 or later, filed with the Nevada Secretary of State's office. This tool allows you to search for a candidate or appointed and elected public officers via the "Report Search" tab returning all records matching the search criteria you provide. You do not need to enter an entire name to return matching results. This search will expose reports whether they were filed electronically online, mailed in or hand delivered.

To view filed reports for an individual or group, simply click the name within the line item returned in your search results. Most report records stored in our database will have a corresponding scanned document which will be available as a link to a PDF file under the Report Link column. These are reports that were received as paper documents that were digitally scanned so that they may be viewed electronically. A single report may have multiple scanned documents on file. Reports filed online are also linked under the Report Link column for you to view as plain HTML within your web browser.

Individual contributions and expenses may now be searched via the "Contribution Search" and "Expenditure Search" tabs. Within the contributions search results you may click on a contributor name to view all contributions associated with that contributor record. You may click on the Recipient name to view all contributions received by that individual or political group. Or, you can simply click on the Report link to bring up the actual report containing that contribution. The expenditure results work similarly. Click on a Payee name to view all expenditures received by that entity, click the Payer name to view all expenditures declared by that individual or group and click the Report to actually view the report where that expenditure was declared.

It should be noted that the contribution and expenditure data recorded in AURORA mays not accurately reflect an individual or a group’s total because of previously filed paper reports which are only viewable as a PDF and not data entered. Always refer to the actual filed document for the most accurate information. If you believe you are not finding an older document you are looking for, you may browse all scanned documents filed in paper form by clicking the "Click here to view archived C&E Reports/FDS paper filings" link on this search page. However, this browsing directory does NOT include reports filed electronically. To view the scanned PDF files you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, which you may download here.

To file a report, an account first needs to be set up, by entering the required fields and “Register.”  Use the Help & Tips tab if you need assistance with this process, or call 775-684-5705.

If you have an existing Aurora account, enter your Login Name and Password under the Login header.  If you have forgotten your login name or password, click on the 'Forgot your login name/password?' link for retrieval.  You should not set up a new account if you have forgotten your login name or password.  If you cannot obtain your login name and/or password from the retrieval link, please contact the Elections Division at (775) 684-5705 or by Email at nvelect@nv.sos.gov.

If you do not have an Aurora account already, enter the required information into the the fields on the right side of this page under the Register header.

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