Bond Requirements

Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 240A.120 states that a registrant shall file with the Secretary of State a surety or cash bond in the penal sum of $50,000 which is approved to form by the Attorney General and conditioned to provide:

(a) Indemnification to a client or any other person who is determined in an action or proceeding to have suffered damage as a result of:

(1) An act or omission of the registrant, or an agent or employee of the registrant, which violates a provision of this chapter or a regulation or order adopted or issued pursuant thereto;
(2) A wrongful failure or refusal by the registrant, or an agent or employee of the registrant, to provide services in accordance with a contract entered into pursuant to NRS 240A.190;
(3) The fraud, dishonesty, negligence or other wrongful conduct of the registrant or an agent or employee of the registrant; or
(4) An act or omission of the registrant in violation of any other federal or state law for which the return of fees, an award of damages or the imposition of sanctions have been awarded by a court of competent jurisdiction in this State; or

(b) Payment to the Secretary of State for any civil penalty or award of attorney’s fees or costs of suit owing and unpaid by the registrant to the Secretary of State pursuant to this chapter.

Surety Bond
The Secretary of State does not regulate the price for securing a bond.  The price is set by the marketplace and the surety companies who issue the bonds.  Contact your insurance agent for assistance and guidance in obtaining a surety bond. 

The bond must cover the period of the registration of the registrant, except when the surety is released in accordance with this section. A registrant must maintain a bond while the registration is in effect or while a proceeding to suspend or revoke a registration is pending.

If the penal sum of the bond is exhausted, the surety shall give written notice to the Secretary of State and the registrant within 30 days after its exhaustion.

The surety may be released after giving 30 days’ written notice to the Secretary of State and the registrant, but the release does not discharge or otherwise affect any claim resulting from an act or omission which is alleged to have occurred while the bond was in effect.

Surety Bond Language
A registration for Document Preparation Service is for the registrant, not the business.  As such, the bond’s principal is listed as the name of the registrant and not the business.

The Nevada Attorney General’s office has provided the following guidance for a surety bond issued to a document preparation service. “Approved as to form” means the bond contains the following or similarly equivalent language:


That we, _____________________________ (name of document preparer) of ________________________________________________ (address of document preparer) , as Principal, and ___ , (name of surety), a corporation (or LLC, LLP, etc.) duly licensed to do business in the State of Nevada, as Surety, are held and firmly bound unto the State of Nevada, in the penal sum of, and for the purposes set out in NRS 240A.120, FIFTY THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS ($50,000.00 USD) , for the payment of which sum, well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our legal representatives, heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.

WHEREAS, said Principal has been registered or has applied to be registered by the Secretary of State of the State of Nevada as a Document Preparation Service pursuant to NRS Chapter 240A; and,

NOW THEREFORE if said Principal shall well, truly and faithfully perform all the requirements and duties of a registered Document Preparation Service now required by law or regulation to be performed on his or her part, and shall well, truly and faithfully execute and perform all the duties of a registered Document Preparation Service required by any law or regulation to be enacted subsequently to the execution of this bond, then this obligation shall be null and void, otherwise it shall remain in full force and effect.

SIGNED AND SEALED, this day of ____________________, 20____.

______________________________(SEAL)     ______________________________(SEAL) 
        (Document Preparer)                                                     (Surety)

By:  ________________________________________    ________________________________________ 

                        (Signature)                                                             (Signature) 
                                                                                            Nevada Resident Agent



Bond Renewal
While a bond is continuous unless cancelled, this office must receive proof of annual bond renewal.  Proof of a bond renewal may be submitted in the form of a Continuation Certificate or a paid invoice showing zero balance due, bond number, and bond term.  Both of these documents can be obtained from the surety company that issued the bond.  If a new bond is purchased for the upcoming year, this office must receive the original signed surety.

Cash Bond
In lieu of the surety bond requirement, a registrant may deposit $50,000 cash bond with the Secretary of State's office. You will need to submit a Cash Bond deposit form and a cashier's check in the full amount payable to the State of Nevada, Office of the Secretary of State.  Pursuant to NRS240A.120, the Secretary of State may retain the bond until the expiration of 3 years after the date the registrant has ceased to do business, or 3 years after the date of the expiration or revocation of the registration, to ensure that there are no outstanding claims against the bond.  Contact this office for additional information.