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Secretary of State Ross Miller Kicks Off Nevada Business Portal Project
Technology experts meet to begin software design
Posted Date: 7/15/2010
Contact: Pam duPré
(775) 684-5748

(Carson City, NV; July 15, 2010) – Secretary of State Ross Miller today praised forward-thinking state leaders, including Assembly Majority Leader John Oceguera, for coming together to make the Nevada Business Portal a reality. Making government services more effective and efficient has long been a goal, he said, but only recently have the state legislature and several state agencies signed up to work together to provide the one-stop shop for business services. Secretary Miller made his comments at a kickoff meeting of technical staff from several state agencies and the company that will develop the Portal software.

Implementing his vision of the Nevada Business Portal has been a priority since Secretary Miller took office in 2007. He immediately started to implement more efficient business practices and offer more online services in the Secretary of State’s office. The first milestone in expanding business service efficiencies to other agencies was reached in 2009 when the responsibility for issuing the State Business License was transferred from the Department of Taxation to the Secretary of State.

The Department is the major partner in the next phase of the project that was launched today. Businesses will see the product early next year when they will be able to “shop” for all of their transactions with the Secretary of State’s office and obtain their Sales & Use Tax permit from the Taxation Department in one online visit and with one online payment.

“Government has to become more efficient in delivering service to our customers,” said Dino DiCianno, Taxation Department Director. “The Nevada Business Portal will make us more efficient and the customer will be better served by a one-stop shop. I’m pleased my department is involved in this early stage of developing the Portal and I’m confident that the vendors we’ll be working with understand our needs and will be able to deliver.”

Secretary Miller’s office signed a $4.5 million contract earlier this week with Capgemini Government Solutions, LLC, which submitted the winning proposal to develop the service-oriented architecture that will serve as the “hub” of the Portal. When fully operational, the Portal will allow businesses to conduct most or all of their transactions with state and local government through one convenient website. It will incorporate shopping cart, wizard, and business intelligence functions to guide businesses through the Portal and to the government agency product they need.

Capgemini is one of the world’s largest information technology consultancy services. Jose Garcia, Vice-President for Public Sector, State & Local Government, said at the kickoff today that the role of his company is “to provide the solution.”

“We have experience in developing a variety of portal technologies”, Mr. Garcia said. “The Secretary of State’s vision for this project will require us to pull many pieces of technology together to create a unique new service. It will be challenging, but we’re committed to delivering the solution on time and on budget.”

In his opening remarks at the kickoff, Secretary Miller thanked Assembly Majority Leader John Oceguera for his leadership in guiding the bill authorizing the portal through the legislative process. Mr. Oceguera said today it was one of the highlights of the legislative session for him.

“I’m so encouraged to know that dozens of people with a shared vision and commitment to this project hit the ground running today,” Mr. Oceguera said. “This is a unique opportunity to realize tremendous new government efficiency and provide cutting-edge service to our business customers.”

Secretary Miller said at the kickoff that he feels great pride that so many agencies and organization are committed to developing the Nevada Business Portal. “This is a great day for government and for our business customers. Thanks to everyone for making it a reality.”