Voter Registration Figures

December 2009
Total Voter Registration by Age Group
Age Group Democrat Green Independent American Libertarian Non-Partisan Other (All Others) Republican Total

Age 18 - 24

68,117 985 9,155 1,432 32,514 800 37,651 150,654

Age 25 - 34

98,264 1,428 13,094 2,094 47,715 1,358 64,805 228,758

Age 35 - 44

99,279 716 10,407 1,586 40,020 936 84,476 237,420

Age 45 - 54

108,413 455 9,611 1,439 35,020 801 97,283 253,022

Age 55 - 64

98,024 275 7,782 966 30,280 569 85,971 223,867

Age 65+

105,914 117 6,879 513 22,685 442 96,974 233,524

Not Specified

1,762 25 297 49 944 12 863 3,952


579,773 4,001 57,225 8,079 209,178 4,918 468,023 1,331,197

Pursuant to state and federal law there may be a change in the number of registered voters after a statewide general election due to required maintenance of the statewide voter registration list.

This report has been generated from Nevada's statewide voter registration database. The transmission of registration information between the counties and the statewide database does not take place in real time. Due to this turnaround time, the numbers reflected in this report may not duplicate registration numbers reflected in the county database at the precise moment a report is generated. The voter registration statistics on this webpage provide a snapshot of the number of registered voters at a particular point in time.

"Total Voter Registration" reflects all registered voters in the state and includes the following voter statuses: active, inactive, and P-17. Not all county databases may have voters in all voter status categories.

"Active Voter" status includes any registered voter that is legally entitled to vote. This category includes new registrants who have provided all critical eligibility criteria but are missing additional non-critical information from their applications, as well as existing registered voters whose records are being updated or changed.

"Inactive Voter" status includes any voter for whom a county has received: 1) a returned residency confirmation mailing without a forwarding address within the same county, or 2) information obtained through the United States Postal Service National Change of Address (NCOA) database indicating that a voter has moved outside the county. An inactive voter is eligible to vote so long as they have met all other legal requirements to vote.

"P-17 Voter" status includes any registered voter who was under age 18 at the time his voter registration was submitted, but who will be age 18 or older by election day and who has met all other legal requirements to vote.

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