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Disposition of Unspent Campaign Contributions
Abeyta, Ruben.pdfAdair, Valerie.pdf
Agosti, Deborah.pdfAllen, Steve.pdf
Amodie, Mark.pdfAngle, Sharron.pdf
Augustine, Kathy.pdfBache, Douglas.pdf
Becker, Nancy.pdfBingham, Marie 1.pdf
Bingham, Marie 2.pdfBobbett, Thomas V.pdf
Boland, Nancy.pdfBrough, Wilde.pdf
Burau, Scott.pdfCalton, Darrell.pdf
Carter, Ted.pdfChowning, Vonne.pdf
Cook, Shirley Ann.pdfDel Papa, Frankie Sue .pdf
Del Papa, Frankie Sue.pdfDenis, Moises.pdf
Dickenson, Ronald G.pdfDini, Joseph.pdf
Douglas, Michael.pdfFazzino, Wayne.pdf
Foster, Jess.pdfFreeman, Vivian.pdf
Gibbons, Mark.pdfGoicoechea, Pete.pdf
Grady, Thomas J.pdfGuinn, Kenny.pdf
Guo, Eva.pdfHardy, Joe.pdf
Hardy, Warren B.pdfHartmann, Shelley.pdf
Heller, Dean.pdfHenderson, William.pdf
Herman, Terry.pdfHettrick, Lynn.pdf
Howard, Brent.pdfHunt, John.pdf
Iroz, John.pdfJefferson, Dorothy.pdf
Jefferson, Thomas F.pdfJohnson, Charley.pdf
Kenny, Erin.pdfKrolicki, Brian.pdf
Larrivee, Gerry.pdfLeavitt, Myron.pdf
Lee, John J.pdfLehman, Jack.pdf
Lehmann, William R.pdfLloyd, Nolan.pdf
Marvel, John.pdfMaupin, William.pdf
McGinness, Mike.pdfMemeo, J Michael.pdf
Meyer, Daniel R.pdfMoises, Denis.pdf
Neighbors, P M Roy.pdfNolan, Dennis.pdf
Norton, Jerry.pdfOceguera, John.pdf
Oswald, William Billy.pdfPerkins, Richard.pdf
Puccinelli, Andrew.pdfRaggio, William J.pdf
Rahn, Mary.pdfRhoads, Dean.pdf
Roberts, Brad.pdfRose, Robert.pdf
Sandoval, Brian.pdfShearing, Miriam.pdf
Smales, David.pdfSouthard, Clarence.pdf
Sullivan, Frank.pdfSullivan, Jerry.pdf
Titus, Dina.pdfTownsend, Randolph.pdf
Walsh, Paula.pdfWeber, Valerie.pdf
Whitmore, Sidney.pdfWilke, Stacie.pdf
Wood, Francis.pdfMaddox, William.pdf

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*In order to create a more comprehensive database, the Secretary of State’s policy is to post reports received by our office. However, because Nevada law requires appointed officials to file financial disclosures with the Nevada Commission on Ethics, consult their website at for a complete list of financial disclosure statements filed by appointed officials.
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